How to Get Certified


NSF's Certified for Sport® Program helps athletes, coaches, dietitians and trainers make more informed decisions when choosing sports supplements. The program is recognized by NFL, NFLPA, MLB, MLBPA, PGA, LPGA, NHL, CPSDA, Taylor Hooton Foundation and CCES.

It has been designed for participating manufacturers and their products that include product testing for 265+ banned substances, label content confirmation, formulation and label review, production facility and supplier inspections, as well as ongoing monitoring in line with substance prohibitive lists: NSF Annex B, NFL, and MLB.

5 Steps to NSF Certified for Sport® Certification

  1. Application
    • Formulation
    • Label
    • Ingredient suppliers information
    • Manufacturing facilities information
  2. Toxicology Review
    • Label and formulation review and comparison
    • Ingredient review
    • Determine product testing
  3. Facility Inspection
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits of production facilities and review
      that no banned substances are stored or manufactured at the facility
    • Observations of in-house laboratories
    • Sourcing and traceability procedures
    • Schedule of ingredient supplier audits based on number of suppliers
  4. Annual Laboratory Testing/Analysis
    • Microbiological
    • Heavy metals
    • Pesticides/herbicides
    • Label content verification
    • Disintegration
    • Banned substances testing based on number of lots
  5. Product Certification/Listing
    • Monitor control formulation/ingredient supplier changes
    • Marketplace sampling

To learn more about the NSF Certified for Sport® Program, please contact, 1-800-NSF-MARK, or Brian Jordan at 734-904-3673.

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